Have an event coming up and you don't have time to come up with theming let alone styling on the day. Never fear, Just Sayin' Girl is here!

Whether it's a product launch, gifting suite, business party, birthday or general celebration. No event is too big or small for us!

Here’s what to expect from the JSG:


Either by phone, skype or in person. We will require about 30 mins of your time to get all the details of the event you'll be hosting.

During this time, we will ask for all the details (date, time, location, budget etc.) in order for us to have the perfect idea of what we will be styling and what we will have to work with. If you are showcasing a product at the event, we would love to see this!


After our initial consult, we will come back to you with a mood board of ideas and theming for the event.


Now we've got confirmation to proceed with our ideas. We will contact our suppliers and get the ball rolling for this event.

Should you require any graphics/print work as part of the look for the event, this will be the time we will create and get approval from you before printing.

From this point on, you have nothing to worry about with the look of the event - it's all in the hands of our experts!

Any additional costs (e.g props, decals, printed collatrol) will be added to your final invoice.


Depending on the scale of the event, the Just Sayin' Girl team will be there to assemble everything required for the event and ensure everything is perfect. All supplier deliveries will be scheduled accordingly and we always ensure to allow enough time for any pre-event hiccups! It's our aim to keep this part of your event stress-free!