Chargrill Charlie’s


Good food for the neighbourhood

Chargrill Charlie’s is synonymous with family-style cooking in Sydney and beyond. We started working together at the beginning of their brand boom, with content creation for their social channels in 2018. We provided design and illustrations for their apps and other marketing material, then together, we started to think big. Brand presence was our focus. Making them more than just a chicken shop. Making them iconic. An institution. We developed merchandise and launch campaigns that gave each store a unique identity, focusing on the location and its community.

Lockdown legends

COVID lockdowns rocked the food and wine scene. Restaurants and bars were forced to pause or pivot. Being a largely takeaway business, Chargrill Charlie’s was in a good position, but they wanted to do more. Their pivot was in the launch of Local Flavours, which won the Favourite Feel-Good Food Initiative in Time Out’s Time In Awards, a reader-voted celebration of the best responses to the 2020 lockdown. The Local Flavours initiative saw Charlie's collaborate with other restaurants to help keep them, and a chain of people: chefs, suppliers, delivery drivers and staff, afloat. The first collab was with Redfern’s Kepos Street Kitchen, dishing up falafel, hummus and beef meatballs with Moroccan tomato ragu. Next up, Big Sam Young, head chef of Merivale restaurant Lotus, turned out handmade lasagne al forno, with an Asian twist. Finally dessert queen Anna Polyviou, created cookie dough in three flavours for people to buy at Charlie’s and cook at home. It was an initiative we were excited to get behind, and had a tight turn around, but we went big creating the name and individual branding for each collaboration. This extended from digital design to photoshoots to packaging. Reactive, great and exciting. A project to be proud of, for all the right reasons.


Nobody I’ve ever worked with outside of the business have I ever enjoyed working with more. We are a passionate and demanding bunch and Lauren at Just Sayin' Girl is as passionate about our business as we are. We have worked with Just Sayin' Girl for almost 3 years now (wow time flies) and Lauren is exceptionally talented in all that she does. Our brand and business has never been stronger and without trying to sound ott there has to be an element attributed to the talents of our style social media manager and graphic designer.

The fact that we all love working so closely with loz is just an added bonus. Do not hesitate to use Lauren to help build your business her talents are exceptional.