What’s in a Logo

5 questions to ask yourself when starting your brand.

All logos are not created equal, nor should they be, because logos do different things for different businesses. For some, they give context for the brand, for others they umbrella the services the business offers. You want your logo to last. Of course, rebranding is always an option, but for customer relationships it’s always better to maintain your identity. This helps to grow recognition, memorability, and — because the human mind works that way — trust. Your logo is the starting point for all your branding, so it pays to do some big-picture thinking about it. Here are five questions we recommend asking yourself before you get started.

What’s your point of difference?

Your logo will be a reference point for your brand’s personality. It will be dotted on every item, sign, web page and business card you create. So you want to really encapsulate your brand, and stand out from the crowd. Tell your designer everything about your business, but importantly, what makes it special. Be that, where it’s made, how it’s made, what’s in it, the people, the experience, the community, the price point, or maybe, the branding we create for you! You might not think it, but defining why you exist, helps a designer shape and refine your logo. 

Where will your brand be in 10 years?

Logos do different things for different businesses. You may be a start-up selling organic coffee beans, but your aspiration is to open a chain of organic grocers. Having a coffee bean in your logo might make sense now, but less so in years to come. Less product-specific logos usually focus on brand name, fonts and stylistic elements that capture your brand’s vibe. We love a vibe. 

Where will your logo be seen?

Obviously, everywhere. But will it be most prevalent on your product? Will it need to tell the product story? Does it need to be eye-catching? Will it be animated? Knowing how and where your logo will be seen plays a big part into how it’s designed. 

How do you want customers to feel when they interact with your brand?

Knowing your customer: their values, their likes, their dislikes - what they like to do on a Sunday morning (data can tell us a lot nowadays), is key to building a successful brand. Knowing your customer will also inform how you want them to feel when they interact with your brand. Whether that’s in-store, on your website, in person or via your feed. This information will help your designer find a style.

What do you like?

We might be the experts, but your brand should still be a reflection of you. You’ll be living and breathing it, and be, if not the face of it, the person behind it. So your brand still has to have a connection to you, and be a style you feel comfortable operating. Show us what you like, show us your vision and we’ll translate it into your branding.