The Agency

A full-service creative agency that prides itself on a diverse client base and original ideas. Our team of creatives have editorial backgrounds and a commercial mindset — a combo that delivers exceptional results (if we do say so ourselves).

We have energy in abundance for our clients and go beyond to shape their dreams and make them come true. Nothing is too hard, or too outside our wheelhouse.And even if it was, we’d just expand said wheelhouse.

When you work with us, we become the marketing arm of your business, your industry experts and your creative consultants all in one. So let’s do it. Let’s make your brand look good.


The original just sayin’ girl, Lauren operates as our creative agency’s director, chief designer and ideas machine.

For the last five years Lauren has been the full creative arm for many of her clients, widening their eyes to bigger and brighter branding possibilities, taking their business to new, eye-catching heights.

Now with a full creative team, studio in Alexandria,Sydney, and processes built from experience and expertise, what was once a hobby, is now a well-oiled one-stop creative shop. And yes, she still does handwriting, and still runs her much-loved Instagram account justsayingirlwith as much humour and sass as ever.


If Lauren is the design, Alex is the words, and they overlap on imagery. With over a decade as a print and digital journalist, editor and copywriter, Alex knows how to tell a great brand story. She is our go-to beauty marketing expert, having vast experience in the industry: she’s been brand side, editorial side and agency side, and an eComm styling specialist. She curates for the clicks, so to speak.